Pro Immun M® – Food intolerance-diagnostics

Food is the best medicine – The fundament of our therapy success. It is now backed up scientifically that chronic, lingering inflammations play a significant role in the formation of modern lifestyle diseases. Over the years and decades, these inflammation processes can often lead to degenerative diseases in old age. We have noticed an increased aging effect on our patients due to serious yet avoidable and correctable diet mistakes. The main goal of Pro Immun M® – Food intolerance-diagnostics is to detect specific foods that can lead to chronic inflammation processes and therefor to degenerative, consequential damages within the patient’s organism.

The foods which are co-responsible for the inflammation should be reduced or avoided completely so that the body can regenerate and stabilize itself thoroughly. Therefor your immune system doesn’t have to waste it’s energy to remove the bad foods. I personally refused to start a therapy without Pro Immun M® since the beginning due to the impressing and fundamental test results within my 23 years of active practice. I am convinced that essential disease causes would have been missed out without it. It doesn’t make any sense to extinguish a forest fire with water and to reactivate the fire embers with petrol afterwards.

In my opinion, this happens if one keeps on consuming pro-inflammatory foods in a non- compensating manner. These chronic and lingering inflammatory processes will harm and eventually destroy originally vital tissue.

Affected areas:


Digestive organs

Mucous membranes

Blood vessels

Nervous system

Bones, Joints, Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments

If not compensable we are talking about the so called metabolic inflammation – organ stress. The individual cause should be detected and corrected as soon as possible. One of the main causes in our opinion is the the pro inflammatory diet. We will execute the Pro Immun M® on behalf of your therapist.


If you would like to know how one of the test results look like, simply click on the link “Results Micha”. I posted my most recent and personal test (April 2017) here for you to get a better insight. And to be honest, there is a huge difference between my very first test and the recent one. Which makes me very happy! Wooooohooooo… Ok, I slightly react to asparagus and rucola, which is a pity but since the reactions are very low I am ok with it. That means: At least once a week I can eat rucola and asparagus. I must admit that I have developed a stronger reaction to guar seed flour which I am not very pleased of. I usually use guar seed flour for my gluten free bread rolls to increase the volume. Well, whatever. I will simply substitute the guar seed flour through carob bean gum flour. That works equally good. Isn’t it amazing that there is a substitute for almost every ingredient nowadays;-)

Have lot’s of fun!

Micha ♥