Ralf, you are an alternative practitioner, nutritionist, author and you have built up a therapeutic network. How did this come about?

Ralf Meyer:

I’ve made the decision to become an alternative practitioner and psychological advisor when I was 19 years old. I reflected on how to make a job choice that gives meaning to my life and others. At the age of 20 I started suffering of an atopic eczema, a sun allergy, a soft tissue rheumatism and an inexplicable, never ending state of exhaustion which led to a depression. I’ve consulted 15 different therapists, doctors, alternative practitioners and clinics. Consequently, this led to an incapacity to work that lasted 1 ½ years. Due to the success of the diet therapy I recovered quickly and decided to make the so called “Pro Immun M Food Intolerance Test” the base of my 20 years of active practice and lectureship. It is nowadays used by countless doctors and alternative practitioners as a fundamental tool for recovery. Another important aspect of my recovery was a total lifestyle change, in the sense that I started to focus on a fulfilling purpose in life. Part of that was a professional change working as a health and fitness supervisor in Berlin. In addition, I was giving organized diet lectures. I’ve established the therapeutic network in the year 2000 and started to hand down my successful therapy methods and theories in seminars to medical circles. 

One of the reasons for that was the overwhelming amount of patients that literally flooded our practice after appearing with successfully cured patients on a German TV-show called “Jürgen Fliege”. The episodes were called “My thyroid goes haywire” and “Death lives in your guts.” We’ve experienced an almost 2-year long inrush of patients which led us to the limits of what is possible. Many guidance-seekers couldn’t be helped due to the sheer amount. In order to provide appointments at other practices I had to provide my knowledge within seminars to other therapists. And this is how my therapeutic network came to be.

You’re the author of books and you’ve shot movies as well. Would you like to tell us more about it?

Ralf Meyer:

I wanted to inform patients about the different biological methods, especially the ones regarding diets for prevention and recovery of modern diseases. Including avoidable risks such as agricultural toxins, electro smog, heavy metals and chemical ingredients of cosmetics and cleaning products. Especially topics regarding biological, anti-inflammatory and regenerative diet therapies in accordance with the principles of each, personal Pro Immune M test proved themselves as highly effective. I consider my movie,” Nutrition is the best medicine” as most helpful for my patients. My book “Chronically Healthy” – Principles of a Health Practice – serves as a fundamental guidebook and link between the patient and his therapist. I recommend the following books to therapists: “Long-term, laboratorial reports – Cellsymbiosis-therapy” – Results of a 10 year, long-term, practice study. Volume 1 & 2. This study reveals the examination and treatment methods as well as the treatment procedure according to the different diseases in a comprehensible and transparent way. The books are available in a print version and in a digital version. The fundamental book “Chronically Healthy” is available in three volumes. (Available in English as well) – (Title:  Cellsymbiosis-Therapy Part 1-3).

Why does nutrition play such a big role for our health?

In my opinion and with a background of 25 years of experience, the individual, biological, anti-inflammatory and regenerative diet is a fundamental tool to recover from all sorts of diseases. This diet represents the base of a successful, preventive health preservation. Confirmed by my experience and the observation of countless therapists, the following diseases were many times positively influenced, improved or healed as long as they didn’t process too much: Migraine, rheumatism, hypertension, circulatory disturbances, susceptibility to infection, mental & physical performance slumps and recovery deficiencies, gastrointestinal inflammations, circulatory disturbances, diabetes, overweight, atopic eczema, chronic pain, up to serious metabolic disease and It is discussed to add tumor suffering as well.

What is especially important to consider when it comes to nutrition?

Ralf Meyer:

There are basic and principal recommendations with a general validity. And there are specific and individual recommendations that are results of the nutritional, therapeutic examination using the Pro Immun M test. Generally valid are the following recommendations: An ecological diet and the avoidance of the more and more discussed toxic influence of pesticides, fungicides and antibiotics on the human organism. Antibiotics are often used in factory farming. You will find more information’s on this topic in our new book: „Medical Whispering Volume2“ In addition, it is recommended that 50-70% of the daily food consists of alkaline vegetables and salad. These contain a low amount of calories and a high density of energy. This helps us to maintain a low body weight and prevents overweight at the same time. It’s an interesting fact that the lingering, chronic inflammations connected to overweight are the cause of more cancer diagnostics than the ones caused by smoking. Our food should be as natural as possible, gently prepared and in the best case free of any chemical alteration. It is important to mention that we should reduce or even stop our high sugar consume, the overheating of herbal oils and the consume of trans-fatty-acids which can cause serious health damage as well. Furthermore, it is important to take your time while having a meal. Ideally try to chew each bite at least 30 times. Unnecessary chit chat can be done afterwards;-) The food that has not been properly processed in your mouth can eventually ferment and rot within your gastrointestinal tract and this in turn can lead to an alcohol production and in the end to a fermentation toxin. If these toxins are absorbed by your gut and spread through your bloodstream, they will cause damage wherever they land. For example: Brain and heart. Finally, it is important to recommend a daily and sufficient intake of water and herbal tea of highest quality. (2-3 liters a day). The main amount should be consumed between the main meals. Too much water during a meal disrupts the digestion due to the dilution of the digestive enzymes. For more information on this topic, please watch my movie “Chronically Healthy” (At the moment only available in German)

What about dairy and gluten?

Ralf Meyer:

Dairy products and gluten can cause inflammation and degenerative damage within our organisms. The main problem here is that the physical problems many times usually don’t appear in the gastrointestinal tract. Gluten for example can cause a disease called celiac disease which can lead to depression, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, anemia and auto immune diseases. During this process the gluten protein is falsely detected by the immune system as an enemy and “eaten up” by the defense cells. Surrounding tissue might get harmed and damaged simultaneously. This leads to chronic cell-damaging inflammations. This can affect the brain as well leading to a diet caused depression or mucositis similar to an inflamed gut. This inflammatory response can be caused by other proteins as well like in the case of the soft tissue rheumatism. These inflammatory responses are connected to a food intolerance which leads us to the next question…

What exactly is a food intolerance test and how is the procedure?

Ralf Meyer:

The Pro Immun M test is a procedure which can detect foods that lead to inflammatory processes within 4-72 after consumption. We can test 44 to 270 different foods and their equivalent memory defense cells within the blood. The memory defense cells are called IgG anti bodies of the class 1-4 and are in my understanding the cause of the inflammatory, degenerative defense reactions of the body. The sheer amount of diseases that have improved after the diet change are so impressive that I consider this form of diagnostic and therapy as the most fundamental and successful, holistic method. Find out more about it in my new book “Medical Whispering Volume 1, Food Intolerances – Can healthy food make you ill? – by Dr. Dorit Schuller and Ralf Meyer”. There are solid, scientific studies that back up the benefits of the IgG tests. In addition, there is an elaborate clinical application observation and a legal, medical report about the therapeutic benefits, especially using the Pro Immun M test for countless diseases. You can request these reports and studies through your Pro Immun M therapist on: www.proimmunm.de.  *ONLY AVAILABLE IN GERMAN*

I would like to see one of these tests, is there a sample and where can I take a Pro Immun M test if I am interested?

Ralf Meyer:

My wife – Mrs. Kitchen Revolution published her personal test in the category “Pro Immun M” on the landing page. This test is from April 2017 and therefor very recent. If your curious, get a first impression of the test results of my wife.

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