Hello, and welcome to our page: Micha´s Kitchen Revolution;-)

My name is Micha (Michaela) and my love story with healthy cooking began many, many years ago. Since then, I’ve put all my love, passion and devotion into my “healthy diet, and this is my story:

About 22 years ago I suddenly started to suffer from chronic stomach ache, which almost drove me insane. At the beginning, the pain was not that dramatic and I thought “well it´s probably going to be temporary” … but soon the pain started to increase so much that in the end, I wasn’t able to barely eat anything. After any tiny bit of food, it felt as if I had a huge stone in my stomach that would never disappear again.

Since that moment, I lost more and more weight, felt weak, tired, sluggish, powerless and suffered from heavy headaches. Every day felt like a battle and I realized that this couldn’t go on like this anymore. So I decided to visit my doctor.

So despite I was secretly hoping that my doctor would tell me that my symptoms weren´t a big deal that could be fixed within a few days taking pills, it turned out to be more complicated than that. First of all, he suggested a general blood analysis for him to be able to see what was going on in my body. So I decided to go for it!

A few days later the practice called and told me to come over to talk about the test results.

The doctor then told me that I was suffering from gastritis and that I had a Helicobacter… A Helio…. Whaaaaat?!

What in heavens name is that, and what can I do against it? – I asked the doctor. “Well, I suggest that we start with a triple therapy.”- Typical answer…

So what on Earth is a triple therapy, and where did I catch that “helio… thing” and my gastritis?

His answer couldn´t be more simple: “A triple therapy is a triple therapy. This includes an antibiotic, another antibiotic and a proton pump inhibitor”. – Baaam…! Oh my gosh, just listen to that…! The only thing I was hearing now was antibiotics, helio…whatever, and proton pump… blah blah bla…??? I could have never imagined that it was that serious!

After asking him where I could have cached all of that he just said that this happens from time to time. I thought to myself “As if…! You don’t catch something like that just that easy!”

And I looked at him with a not so pleasant face expression.

So I started thinking about what I did right before I started feeling bad and about my lifestyle… and after realizing that my routines had been the same as always… that I did and ate the very same I always did… could it have come from any sort of food poisoning or toxic food?… So I asked him if that could somehow be connected to food or even to my diet but he just moved his head denying my improvised theory with a sad smile.

I already knew back then that it is impossible to feel well if you eat food that is bad for you.

This can manifest in different ways: For example, some people can´t digest well some food and they get a painful and bloated tummy, that will only go back to normal if releasing the accumulated gasses in the stomach. Some other people produce mucus, and others have to sneeze. They get a headache or a migraine.

Back then I knew some people that got a headache or a migraine after eating the wrong stuff. Oh, and I knew some farter`s as well… Not nice at all! 

So going back to the practice scene… My doctor just looked at me with big eyes and said: “It has nothing to do with food, it´s just an inflammation. Take your recipe, pick it up from the pharmacy and start today”.

You can guess what I did… Of course, I didn’t pick up the medicine from the pharmacy.

First of all, I didn’t want to start a so-called “triple therapy” for an inflammation and Heliobacter that I didn’t even know where I got it from. And second, I knew that after taking antibiotics I would have had to restore the entire good bacteria in my intestines.

There had to be another way, and I decided to try a food allergy test called “Test Pro Immun M”. In this test, they take some blood and send it to a laboratory. There they test it for any allergies, and within 14 days you get your results… So I thought “Ok, I´ll survive those 14 days as well”.

Within those two weeks, I was thinking a lot about the test results and if the test and the diet change would help me to regain my strength and to vanish my pain. I have to admit that I was a bit worried that I would have to renounce to too many different foods that I liked… Because I must say that when I am fine I can eat like as much as a construction worker 😉

Finally, my test results arrived. I was so excited!! Apparently, I was extremely allergic to tomatoes, sheep cheese, garlic… STOP!!! … Tomatoes, sheep cheese, and garlic? Grrrrrrrrrr. At that time, I was in love with everything that was covered by melted cheese. Oh, and what am I always pairing it with…?: tomatoes and garlic!

Oh gosh and that wasn´t everything L I was allergic to wheat, rye, corn, yeast, dairy products and a few other treats. After I recovered from the first crisis I got the next one: what was I going to eat from that moment?!

Since at that moment I felt that so many ingredients were taken away from me, I´ve totally overseen that from 183 foods there were still plenty left that I was allowed to eat. So I focused on those, and the difficult part started.

What do I have to buy, and how do I prepare it? -Honestly, I will never forget my first shopping: I walked with my test results from one shelf to the other realizing that almost every product contained wheat, sugar, and yeast. What the heck?! Why on earth did all those foods contain those ingredients in the first place? I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of all this back then.

Somehow food shopping has to always be quick. But after taking some time checking all the different products you realize how much rubbish they contain. And I wandered from shelf to shelf (driving the shop assistant’s crazy with my questions) and after 3 hours I left the supermarket a bit stressed but somehow happy. I have to say that 22 years ago the variety of those specific products was very limited.

Back in the car, another question was in my head: Now that I bought everything, how shall I prepare it?! I needed a plan… urgently! So I searched on the internet, and among all the results I found glass noodles.

These were the gluten free rice noodles you can get in any Chinese restaurant. I added some vegetables and I was happy. Since I was able to cook noodles and vegetables weren’t very difficult to prepare I searched again on the internet for recipes that included rice noodles and vegetables and after a while I found something.

And driven by the euphoria of my discovery… I started cooking! I set up some water for the noodles and chopped the vegetables, fried them a bit with oil in a pan, seasoned them with some salt and pepper, and then came the time for my noodles to take a bath.

In the meantime, I set up the table and I was happy about my very first gluten, sugar, and yeast free meal. My happiness didn’t last very long, though. I poured the noodles and the water in a sieve and realized that my noodles were completely overcooked. It was a big muddy ball. Who said I was able to cook noodles?

In my adrenaline rush, I totally forgot to check how long I had to boil the rice noodles. Mmmhhh… what now? I was hungry and I am going to tell you one thing: Hunger and muddy noodles don’t go well with each other. In the end, I just ate my vegetables.

I realized once again that I couldn’t go on like that anymore and that was the beginning of my culinary journey into the land of healthy cooking. I went food shopping, chopped tons of vegetables, cooked soups and challenged myself on a variety of gluten free products. During the process, I wrote down all the recipes that tasted well and ended up with my first hand wrote cooking book. And believe it or not I even sold some copies of it 😉 I added one page for your amusement of 22 years ago 😉

Of course, I didn’t stop evolving. I bought more and more cooking books, read one cooking magazine after the other, got addicted to youtube cooking channels, googled like crazy and watched one cooking tv show after the other.

By the way, I still love cooking shows! I can’t really recall how much time I have spent over the last 22 years searching for recipes, changing them, creating new ones and at the time preparing everything not just for them to be healthy but for them to be delicious as well.

I must say my claim to a healthy and delicious kitchen is very high! You can ask my husband or my friends about this.

Until today I can proudly present 3 cooking books and my current new vegan cooking book which contains only recipes without gluten, sugar, and yeast. Oh, and of course this page 😉

There are just too many people on this planet who love to eat healthy and delicious food.

Since I am so devoted to this topic I created this blog with some amazing people. I was fortunate to transform my hobby into a profession which is fulfilling me so much.

But, let me get back to the health issues I was talking about in the beginning…

Well, after a few days my health issues decreased a lot, and after a few weeks (I think after 2 or 3 weeks) they vanished completely and I felt powerful, fit and charged with positive energy again.

I was thinking about going back to my doctor to tell him that he was completely wrong because, in the end, the source of my pain, gastritis and the Heliobacter was my unhealthy diet.

Since years I am totally convinced that we can cure many symptoms and diseases through a radical diet change.

Our bodies can react to different kinds of foods even if we have no issues. Many people might think: “so why should I make a test then?”. The answer is simple: Prevention! I´ll explain it to you right now:

Don’t you take your car to the inspection after a certain time for it to stay intact? Well, with our bodies it´s not different. Why shouldn’t we check our bodies once in a while as well and invest some money in our health so we can stay healthy, fit and beautiful for a long time?

We all have to function on a very high level and while doing that we are wasting lots of energy. In fact, we even need to have some energy left to master our day with strength and motivation. In addition, we have to do all that smiling and being efficient at work.

And until now I am just talking about our profession. After ending a tough workday, we get home and our private responsibilities start. I just think we owe it to our bodies. Our bodies are precious gifts and we should treat them properly.

I am convinced that we all wish to age healthy instead of aging sick. Life should be fun and a happy, and healthy life is so much better than an ill and sad life. Doesn’t matter which age!

Many people asked me: Micha, are you actually vegan, vegetarian or vegan? I have a clear answer to that. I am none of it and a little bit of everything. 😉

At home, we certainly eat meat, but not too often, and only if it´s organic and good quality like all the other products. We eat more fish, but again we avoid any farmed fish. In the end, I just eat what my test results and my body allow me to eat.

After years I repeated the test and somehow the test results were completely different. But that’s normal since our bodies change as well with the time, and so do our cells metabolism and our lifestyle.

What I personally don’t really like are carbohydrates. Somehow since I was a child I combined the food that I ate. I don’t really like it to have many different things on my plate. I prefer fish and salad than for example fish, salad, and potatoes.

I consider myself lucky because I never have sugar cravings. I just don’t like sweets that much. Yes, I know, many people will now say Whaaat?… Doesn’t she like sweets?… Not even ice cream or chocolate?

What about cake? One with extra chocolate? Nooooo, I’m really not a big fan of sweets 😉

I heard that there are many women who love enjoying a big ice cream bowl and some paper tissues while sitting on the sofa watching a romantic movie when they are sad. Chocolate seems to have a calming influence on our nervous system.

Actually, I would love to experience that once just to be able to join the conversation. I am a bit different, give me something salty or consistent food and I´ll be forever happy. Not sure if this is normal but I like it. I guess everyone is different and that’s good!!

Well, to wrap it up I must say that I am very grateful my health issues back then because otherwise, I wouldn’t have experienced this amazing test and I wouldn’t have written my cooking books that helped so many people out there.

Finally, I really, really hope that my beloved readers will find lots of support on this page and in my new vegan cooking book. I am sure you will need it after changing your diet. This would be a dream come true to me.

I will keep up creating new and creative recipes for you and I will update this page frequently every week with the newest recipes. You will not only find vegan, gluten, and yeast free recipes because I have to satisfy the general needs of everyone due to the very individual test results that may not indicate an allergy against gluten or yeast. But I´m pretty sure that everyone will find the right thing. That’s why I implemented the subcategories.

Oh and here it is a little tip for you…. Above in the menu, you will find a button called “tips”. It contains lots of additional information which will make your tasty adventure even easier.

I wish for all of my readers that you will find in the beginning the strength and soon the pleasure to persevere in a lifestyle that you will rapidly make you all feel much better, that will recharge you with pure energy and that will lead you into an overall positive mindset to age in a happy and healthy way.

See you soon,

Yours Micha!

And this is my photo of the day which touches me somehow in an emotional way…

This photo was sent to me by a dear friend who bought my very first cooking book 20 years ago. I am very grateful and proud that she kept it for such a long time. Thank you very much, dear, M.E